13 August 2010

Are You Still Out There?

It feels like forever since we've been here, doesn't it? I apologize. My mom and stepdad were visiting and so blogging just didn't happen for me the past two weeks. I'm going to try and get another post or two up this weekend since we have more guests coming in on Monday. But now I have to go and make some dinner for my man-cubs. Tootle pip!

-posted from my iPhone.


Julie the Army Wife said...

I am here :)

Meagan said...

I am here too and look forward to your updates. It is always interesting to hear about life in Alaska.

Ells said...

still checking, but not posting myself, either! Thinking of you, though! We just hung out with the Mitchells yesterday and I told them how you informed me about my future husband's sweater-vest-wearing habits. :)