19 August 2010

It Smells So Nice

Before I put up some more posts about life here in Walterland, I wanted to post about Scentsy wickless candles. It's been popping up in conversations and blogs and things lately, so I thought I'd write about it right here.

First, I'd like to let you all know that a fellow blogger is giving away a Scentsy plug-in warmer (like the one pictured to the right here) and 3 scents. If you want to enter the contest follow the link to her blog and leave a comment:

Now, my neighbor across the street sells Scentsy stuff as well, and I have to say that I really like their products. I went over their today to get new catalogs because I recently broke my warmer, and I said to my neighbor that she needed to have another party that I could attend, because let's face it, they're fun. She turned around and said that I should have a party instead. So I guess that had me thinking, if I did have a party, even though most (all?) of you couldn't actually attend, would any of you be willing to look through her catalog online and maybe order something? Please don't feel like you'd have to because I'm not even sure I'll actually have a party, but I'm curious now.

And now, here is my own little "testimonial" for you. One day I had my warmer going, and the wax was all melted and warm and what's-it. Zeke was running through the house, swinging around a shoe lace, when he managed to land it directly into the warm wax. Before I could stop him, he swung the shoe lace out of the wax and it landed right in his eye. BUT, since the wax never gets warm enough to burn someone, he was perfectly fine, just a little annoyed that something got in his eye. No burns, no marks, nothing. Lovely.

Oh, and their scents are aroma-riffic.


Julie the Army Wife said...

I really want to try some of this stuff so if you have a party where we could order from afar, I would be interested :)

corry ann said...

me me ill do it :o)

Amity said...

No, I wouldn't come. You live too far.

Meagan said...

My favorite kind of hostess party....all the goody buying but no need to get out of your jammies. Count me in for a catalog look.