23 August 2010

August's Visitors Part Two

Shortly after my parents left, we had more visitors come stay with us. Good friends of ours from Germany, Scott and Amber Spahr, were in Alaska visiting an aunt of Scott's up in Fairbanks, and decided to come spend a few days with us while they were in the state. I was trying to figure it out, and I'm pretty sure it's been about 5 years since we've seen each other. Crazy! Especially when you realize that over that five year, we've added Zeke, Deacon, and Finn to our family, and they have added Anna (plus another on the way).

Our kids became friends in no time at all, and we all had a great visit. From watching movies:

To going to the zoo (and later that night out to dinner...thanks again you guys!):

To checking out the Imaginarium at the Anchorage Museum:

we had so much with our friends. Thank you, again, for coming to see us Spahrs. We had a blast.

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