23 September 2010

It Was Time

So, we wound up shaving Finn's head the weekend after I wrote in a post that it would probably happen soon. He woke up Saturday from his one nap with his own hair stuck all over his face, with a bit in his mouth, so I figured that it was time.

My chunky monkey went from this:

To this:

Isn't he great? At 4 months old, he is the youngest of our 3 boys to get their heads shaved. Just for fun, I found the pictures from the other two.

Zeke was 7 months old when we shaved his head:

and Deacon was 6 months old when he got buzzed:

Not really the greatest pictures of Deacon, but a fun little trip down memory lane. Maybe I'll have to post more stuff like this. Of course, when I do, I wind up spending WAY too much time looking through the pictures from when Zeke and Deacon were little, feeling nostalgic and what's it.

But anyway, Finn now has a shaved head (which all the ladies in the nursery love to rub for some reason), just in time for winter I guess. At least we have some really cute hats for him.


Ells said...

The boys are so cute! And your hats are adorable too - I know personally! :) Thanks again for Glow's hat!

P.S. Thinking of you lately, as we have guests named Josh and Beth coming to stay tomorrow!

JStar said...

I still don't understand the head shaving! But at least you do let it grow back! :) Finn is looking so sweet, I wish I could meet him in person!