24 September 2010

Because It's Too Cute Not To Share

Last week, I was talking with one of the other moms from Zeke's class, and she was saying how she was getting her new stove installed on Friday, and would probably have to keep her little boy home from school because she wouldn't be able to leave her house to pick him up once the installation guy got there. Being ever so generous, I volunteered to pick him up and bring him home, since I was going to be picking Zeke up that day anyway because of MOPS. She said Logan would probably love to ride in the back seat, facing backwards with Zeke, so we set it all up.

Friday morning she sent me a message saying that the installation guy came the night before so she didn't need me to bring Logan home and how sad Logan would probably be. I told her I would still bring him home if she wanted, since I was there anyway and it was on my way to MOPS and we had originally planned on it. She agreed, but showed up at school anyway in case Logan changed his mind last minute.

When the boys got out of school, Logan saw his mom was there and said, "Mom, you can go home now so I can ride with Zeke." Too cute! Also too cute, was the two of them in the backseat having a good time talking about how cool it is back there, and then going through the different books Zeke keeps back there.

It really makes me happy that Zeke is making friends here, and gets along so well with the other kids in his class.

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Ells said...

I LOVE Zeke's smile in this picture! What a fun photo!!

By the way, you and your third row of seating has almost persuaded us that the Volvo is the next car we should get. :)