20 September 2010

I'm Not Sure "LOVES" is Strong Enough

Zeke is absolutely "SUPER-PUMPED-BECAUSE-IT'S-SO-AWESOME-IN-LOVE" with riding the bus. If you ask him about his day, the first thing he'll usually tell you is how he rode the bus to school. One of the other moms from his class told me last week that he still announces it every day to his class that he rode the bus to school. And I'm glad because it makes it so much easier for me to know that he's truly enjoying it.

Getting on the bus for
the first time:

All strapped in.
Safety first!

I am also enjoying it. It's amazing the difference it makes in the mornings around here. Not having to rush Deacon through everything, not having to figure out the logistics of Finn anymore, is wonderful. I'm so glad I listened to Josh and set this up for Zeke. And like a friend of mine pointed out, it's good that he's getting used to it now (you know, the .03 seconds it took him to get used to it, that is) before it starts staying dark longer and he has to ride the bus to school in the dark. And the snow. Because soon enough it will be dark and snowy in the mornings.

Putting Zeke on the bus also let me know that he knows where we live. On his way home the first morning, he kept telling the bus driver that we were getting closer, and home was "this way". Then, when she drove past our house, Zeke told her she did so, but that it was okay because she could turn around.

As of last week, one of the other boys in Zeke's class is on the bus too. The other boy's mom told me that he was thrilled to get to sit across the aisle from Zeke. Apparently this boy is a big fan of Zeke's. She said that after we left McDonald's last week, this boy cried the whole way home because he wanted Zeke to be with him. Awww! I know. It really makes me feel good to know that my sweet boy is doing so well with the bus and in school, and is making some friends there.

Oh and, I don't even cry when the bus picks him up anymore. That was apparently a one time thing. I think being proud of my courageous and easy-going boy wins over being sad that my baby is growing up too fast. Because, let's face it, he is growing up too fast.


Ells said...

What a guy!!! I love your stories about the boys! :)

Monica was telling me that Lila loves riding the bus too... and was soooo disappointed the one day Monica picked her up from school in the car!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Daniel loves the bus too. And I love it because I just have to walk a few feet to get him off to school. I think that will be really nice when the baby comes too.