28 September 2010

What To Write?

I was looking through all the different notes I have on my phone in my notebook section. I love this section by the way. It's perfect for making lists, and if you know me at all, you should know that I love a good list. So I was looking through my lists when I found my list of different blog posts I wanted to write. Ideas that came to me, as they happened, that I just typed into my phone. Looking at this list now, they are all kind of outdated. They're all from the summer, and one of them isn't even how it is anymore (it involves the moving around of furniture and bedrooms and such).

I had thought about using this week to actually write and post these ideas, but now I'm not so sure I feel like it anymore. You see, it got really cold this week. Really cold. Like, it was 25 degrees yesterday morning when Zeke left for school, cold. I had been hoping against hope that the warm weather and sunshine we were having would have lasted part of the way through October, but my hopes were dashed on Sunday when it SNOWED. Not a major snow, mind you, but still, white stuff was falling from the sky for a few hours of the day on Sunday, making me a little bit sad (and a little bit tired) that winter is so rapidly approaching now. At least the boys were excited. Zeke's been waiting for it to snow so that we can start making fires in the fireplace again. Which we did on Sunday, because really, who doesn't love a good fire?

It's a good thing I had Josh get out all of our winter gear from last season (I said "last year" to my friend on the phone today and she reminded me that it was actually the earlier part of "this year" that we still had snow and it's only been a few months that it's been gone...thank you friend). Deacon is all set for when it does actually snow. He still fits in his pants and coat, as well as Zeke's boots. All I need to do is finish his hat and find him some gloves. Zeke still fits in his coat. His pants fit, but are sort of snug. I think this will help keep him warm, if there's no room for air to move around or something. Josh thinks he should get bigger pants. He also needs boots and gloves, assuming I can find them. I did finish his hat late Sunday night so he'd have it for school. It's a pretty sweet hat, and once I get Deacon's finished I'll post something about them.

In the meantime, as I try to decide what to do about those other posts, I'll leave you with a picture of Deacon, all ready for the snow to come:

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