09 September 2010

Rice Cereal...Mmm

Now that Finn is 4 months old, we've started feeding him rice cereal twice a day. It's been fun. It did take him a feeding or two to get the hang of it, but now he seems to enjoy it. He likes to "help" by holding on to the fingers of the hand that's holding the spoon, and direct the spoon into his mouth. He also likes to stick his other hand into his mouth with the food, so things get a little messy sometimes. I can hardly wait to start fruits and veggies...when he's bigger and has a better handle on this of course.

Finn also started rolling over from back to front last week. On Thursday I spent the morning in Zeke's class, you know, to see how things go there and what's it, and when we got home I asked Josh how his morning with Finn and Deacon was. He said it was fine and that he had a good time watching Finn roll all over the place. When I asked for clarification as to what he meant by "all over the place", Josh informed me that Finn rolled from his back to his belly, would hang out a bit, then roll back over. WHAT?! The little bugger rolled from back to belly when I wasn't around. I almost didn't believe Josh, but he's done it again since, so I guess Josh wasn't lying.

Finn also started blowing little raspberries yesterday, and I must say, it's quite adorable. Again, I'll have to work on getting a video of it. I just get so wrapped up in him sometimes that I don't think of getting video footage until the moment has passed (plus I want to get a new camcorder since the program from my old one is...well...old).

And going back to the topic of feeding Finn, I am a little sad to say that I am finished breastfeeding him. My body just can't keep up with the demands of my ravenous little man, so it's pretty much given up. I made it 5 months with Zeke and Deacon, but only 4 with Finn. I guess it's a good thing he takes his bottles so well, and really likes them. It also makes me a little sad that I won't get to use the sweet nursing cover that my wonderful friend, Nicole, made for me. Finn would get so excited when he would see me take it out whenever we had company, or when we were out to eat or at church. But, as long as he's healthy and doing well, that's really all that matters, no matter where the nutrition is coming from. Looking at Zeke and Deacon, I think Finn will be just fine. Hehe...looking at Finn I think he'll be just fine. Chunky monkey.


Childress Family said...

Yep, I think they're all more than just fine! Look at those smiles. They have a mommy and daddy who love them so dearly. Well done, Beth and Josh! 3 adorable, hearty boys!

Meagan said...

He is a sweet chunky monkey! And I totally understand about getting so wrapped up that time just slips by. Ain't babies grand!!