16 September 2010

What I Asked/What He Did

Sometimes I really wonder what goes through Deacon's head.

One day I asked Deacon to put my keys away, down the stairs, by the door. You know, where I always keep them:

Awhile later, when I went looking for my keys, I think you can imagine my surprise when I found them here (all the way down the stairs, on top of my sewing machine):

I started wondering (and documenting) this when I asked him one day to put the picture frame Zeke made at school on the fridge (it's a magnet, that's why). I really wasn't prepared for finding the magnetic picture frame in the fridge:

I mean, why wouldn't you want a picture frame in the fridge? Right?

I think my favorite might have been when I handed Deacon some clothes that Finn had outgrown, and asked him to put them in the purple box by the fireplace that has some of Finn's other clothes in it already.

Why he put them in the tissue box (that was full of tissues) is beyond me, and I've given up wasting brain power trying to figure it out. I just take my pictures, put the stuff where I wanted it to go originally and laugh as I think about how I'm totally going to blog about it. Because really, what else can you do?
Edit:I wrote this on Tuesday since I was in a blogging mood after getting the one I wrote on Tuesday finished, but I accidentally hit "publish" before I dated it for Thursday, when I wanted it to post. So, to those who had it show up on their blogs or google readers and then found there wasn't anything here to see, I apologize. I also hope you did see the previous post I wrote about the funny things Deacon has said lately. It's a good'un.


Anonymous said...

This is coming from a teacher .... have Deacon repeat your directions back to you and see if that helps. Did you hear that Holly got engaged?
Aunt Lorrie

Beth said...

I do have him repeat things usually, Aunt Lorrie. That's why I get so confused as to where the confusion on his part comes in sometimes.

And I did hear about Holly! We are so excited!!

Ells said...

He is a cutie. :) What original, imaginative and cheerful kids you're raising, Beth!

JStar said...

Hilarious! Can't wait to hear what else he does!