08 September 2010

Guess Who's 4 Months Old

This guy!

That's right, Finn is 4 months old already. Some days I feel like, "Has it been 4 months already? It seems like only yesterday he was born" and some days I feel like, "Has it only been 4 months? This kid is huge and looks like he will start walking any day now." Seriously though, this boy is pretty chunky (check his new picture on my sidebar). We measured him at 17 pounds and 25 inches. He's wearing 6-9 month sized clothing. But he is just too sweet. I mean, just look at that smile.

I'm really enjoying Finn. Which is probaby a good thing, since I am his mother and all. But he's so happy and laid back...most of the time...that's it's hard not to enjoy him. He will get fussy when he gets really hungry (he likes to eat which is probably why he's such a chunk), and when he's tired. He'll also cry when he's in bed and doesn't want to be. Wow, can he get angry then. But if he's being held, or played with, or even just left alone under his playmat, he's perfectly content. He loves that playmat. He also loves it when I lay down on my back and lift him up over my head. Oh the laughs this brings about. It's wonderful. I'll have to work on getting a video of it for you.

And now I must away because the little man is fussing, so I should check on that...make sure he's not poopy or anything. You know.


Sara said...

cutie pie weighs more than Dave!!

and looks like his mommy!

Niki said...

Love his smile!!! He's sooo cute! Happy 4 months Finn!!

Julie the Army Wife said...

He is such a cutie :)