15 October 2010


This past weekend, our next door neighbors had some work done around their house. Apparently they were getting water in their basement. Unlike us, where the water enters our basement into our garage, their water was getting into bedrooms and things. So they had two dumptrucks full of gravel dumped on their front yard, which they put around the side of their house - sort of like to act as a drain I think. But then, as if a giant pile of rocks wasn't enough, then Jack and Alfie showed up. (Jack and Alfie are characters on Thomas the Tank Engine. I linked to pictures of them if you click on their names.) Needless to say, it was a very exciting time for our boys.

Perhaps the best part of it all was the day Josh had the older boys outside (it was a little too chilly for Finn). They were playing and raking leaves and doing what boys do when they're outside. When the operators of the machines were taking a little break, Josh asked if they boys could see them up close, maybe even go in them. And much like with the fire truck back in May, it was perfectly fine!

Josh said Deacon was the one most excited about going on Alfie, so he went first:

Not really wanting to be left out, Zeke got on too, although he does look a little less than thrilled. Josh said Zeke got really excited once he was off and the realization of what had just happened sunk in.

Once again, I am loving Alaska for just how friendly and nice most of the people are here. I'm pretty sure if we were almost anywhere else, the boys wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near the truck, let alone sit on it. Josh said the operator told Josh he could get in too with the boys and make it move around a little bit, but Josh didn't really think that was a good idea. It's a wee bit difficult to keep two boys still and safe when you're also trying to operate heavy machinery. So, good call there, babe.

What a fun time it was for our boys. I can almost hardly wait to see what happens here next!

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Embrace the Circus said...

My little people would have been over the moon about that being in those contraptions, even though they don't know Jack or Alfie...

And, seriously, how great of the workers to let the boys try it out. That's awesome!