14 May 2010


Today was a Friday like any other Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Nothing, that is, until after we finished eating lunch. Josh came home from getting his car serviced and told us that there was a fire truck on our street. So the boys and I checked it out and sure enough, there was a fire truck directly across the street from our house.

As a matter of fact, as we were checking out the fire truck a second one came along. Then things got really exciting. The firemen broke in the front door and started checking out the house. (Apparently someone left a pot on before leaving the house and it caused a little fire which set off their alarm, which alerted the fire department.)

Once all of that excitement was over and our neighbor came back home (thanks to Josh calling his wife to let her know what was going on), I told Josh to take the boys outside to see the fire trucks up close. Because really, what little boy (or adult boy for that matter) doesn't love to see fire trucks up close and personal? So, the three of them went outside and stood on the front lawn for a minute until the firemen invited them over to check things out.

Here's what I love about Alaska, everyone out here is so nice. Not only did they let the boys check out the truck up close, but they let them try on a helmet,

and they let the boys hang out in the fire truck!

My sweet boys were so pumped when they came back home, it was great. Even Josh was super excited by the whole thing. And who can blame them?

And, just because he's the sweetest thing ever, here's another picture of Finn to finish out the post.


Anonymous said...

How very exticing for the boys (big and little)!! Love you all and miss you.

Ells said...

so fun!!! What a great opportunity... and awesome that it was only a little fire!

Finn IS the sweetest thing ever!!!

Childress Family said...

That unattended cooking will get you every time. Glad it wasn't worse!

Aww...that Finn is just precious! I guess he didn't qualify for the summer hair cuts?