19 May 2010

He's Got Moves

Tomorrow is the last day of school here. I'm not sure how that's going to go over with Zeke, it could make for a long summer. But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that today, Zeke's class, and the other preschool class, put on a little show for their families, complete with refreshments afterwards.

It was really cute. They "performed" six songs. The first was a muscial version of the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" Zeke was the goldfish.

Second was a song about wheels turning and drums beating in my heart which involved a few hand motions. Then a song about how big are you, Mommy and Daddy, which involved the use of scarves.

Fourth was a song about moving all the different parts of your body. I like this particular clip because it shows how "serious" Zeke tried to be while performing whenever he looked in our direction, and it shows how he had to pull up his pants after the jumping parts, which occured in just about every song they did.

They followed that song up with "The Chicken Dance". Oh, yeah. I'm just going to let the video speak for itself on this one, once I say that Zeke was totally into it and boogied down better than any other kid out there on this number.

Go ahead and watch that again if you want, I'll wait. And sorry about the sideways footage in the first video. I guess Josh thought the video would turn with the camera, but it didn't. It's still so much fun to watch.

They then closed with a slower number where they ended by walking to their parents, climbing in our laps and "falling asleep". So sweet.

Josh had to get back to work shortly after the performance was over, but the boys and I stayed for snacks and to hang out for a bit. That is, until Finn decided he had had enough and wanted to eat something as well. So off we went, having had a great time, with a great end to a great school year. (I can hardly wait for September now.)


Heather Angliss said...

Awesome Chicken Dance. Way to go Zeke!

Anonymous said...

Good job Zeke!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Zman! Good job, buddy! You totally rocked that chicken dance. Hardcore. You are awesome!

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

great dancer- betcha learned that from your dad! Michelle & Justin