20 May 2010


So, the boys were eating lunch at the table, while I was feeding Finn on the couch. Nothing too out of the ordinary, when the boys spotted the cat outside and got all excited that Peavey was on the fence. I was confused by this because I was certain the cat was inside, so I got up to check it out and sure enough Peavey was outside on the fence. Not only was he on the fence though, he was doing his "I'm stalking some sort of prey" stance on the fence. This made me curious, so I looked around at what he might have been staring at, when I saw it:

The moose!

It was seriously the biggest moose I've ever seen, and it was just hanging out behind our house, eating. Since all these trees were in my way of getting a good shot of the moose, I wanted to go out back and take one from where the cat was hanging out. Before I could do that though, Zeke announced that his tummy hurt (which is code now for he has to poop), and Finn was still eating. So, I "finished" feeding Finn, helped Zeke clean up after pooping, got the camera and went outside, only to see that the moose was not where it last was.

I was a little disappointed because I thought this meant the moose had left, but it didn't. It just moved over a bit and layed down, I assumed, for a nap. So, I went out, climbed the compost structure (don't freak out Josh, I was very careful), and took a couple of pictures.

I came back in, texted Josh about it, made sure the boys finished their lunches, put in a video to occupy them until naptime, and resumed feeding Finn.
A half hour later or so, I had all three boys down for naps, was eating lunch, and texting with Josh again, when I decided to look outside and see if the moose was still there. Well, she was. But she was no longer alone.

THE MOOSE BEHIND OUR HOUSE HAD A BABY!! I quickly texted this to Josh, and went out on the deck to take more pictures (I was not going to go all the way to the compost pile again just in case that was too close for Momma Moose's comfort). As I was zooming in I realized that there was not one new moose, but two! THE MOOSE BEHIND OUR HOUSE HAD TWO BABIES!!! Sorry for the shouting, but this is super exciting to me.

Isn't it all so sweet?! Of course, Josh is bummed that he missed it all, but he did rightly warn me not to let the boys outside this afternoon if they are still there when naps are finished. And here's just a little video to finish this off, mostly because I wasn't sure how good the pictures would come out and I wanted to make sure you all knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are in fact moose behind my house.


Shadowbreeze said...

Wow! That is SO cool! Twins even! Definitely not something you see every day. The baby in the video looks just like a baby calf trying to get up. You know if you keep posting about all the cool stuff in Alaska, I'm going to have to visit there some day.

Nicole and Chris said...

Wow Beth, she must have known that you would be able to relate to her and give her a little bit of empathy. That is super cool! When I had Nora the neighborhood cat had her kittens but this certainly trumps that. By the way, do the hospitals in Alaska really need to add "no climbing compost bins to see moose(s) with in a month of delivery" to the discharge papers?

Meagan said...

Oh My Goodness! That is so amazing (and way to close to nature for this city girl). You will have to throw the Moose a baby shower ;-)

JStar said...

Such a cool story! How many other people can say that a moose gave birth behind their house? Um, like no one! I wonder if mama moose felt the new mama vibe coming from your home. You know, you being a new mama as well? Hehe. Hope all is well!

Aubrey Lynn said...

That is quite possibly the most awesome thing EVER!!!! You really had three moosen, in the woodsen!!

corry ann said...

that is so cool look at you with all the babies in the area :o)

Childress Family said...

Leave it to Peavey...again...for some wild adventures. That's awesome. Like an outdoor reality show in your yard. The only animals to give birth around our house are birds in our exhaust vents...not so great.

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I will repeat - we love your blogs. You do such a great job of blogging! Zeke was really cute doing the chicken dance. And Finn is way toooo cute for words. YOu are blessed. Please continue to take such great pictures and continue to tell the Alaska stories for all of us to see and read.

Aunt Lorrie