27 May 2010

This Kid

The day after I had Finn, Deacon had an appointment to go through the same assessment program Zeke went through in March. Josh brought him in (obviously, since I was still in the hospital) and went around afterwards saying how Deacon aced it. One of us was supposed to go back the following week to get his assessment results, but one of the two ladies who assessed Deacon called that morning and confirmed what Josh said. She said that Deacon is exactly where he should be at his age and they have absolutely no concerns about his speech/development and so he does not qualify for any services. She then went on to say that since she knew we had the new baby and since Deacon is perfectly normal, we could count that phone call as our meeting and she would mail us the report, so we wouldn't have to go out there with the new baby or anything. Score!

However, I would like to point out that while his speech and development are right on track, there is very little "normal" about this kid. For example, the other day (I guess week now, looking at his hair) Deacon dumped the toys out of the pretzel tubs, put the tubs on his feet, and walked around like that for a good ten minutes or so, very pleased with himself.

There's also this new thing he's been doing in the evenings, when he's getting dressed for bed. He now likes to pull his shirt mostly off, then announce that he's a pirate, and run around going, "Yarrg!"

However, he is a good older brother, who loves Baby Finn. See how gently he's petting the baby's head? Although, he does not enjoy it very much when Finn cries. Usually when Finn starts up, Deacon can be heard gently (and sometimes not so gently) saying, "That's enough, Baby Finn. That's enough." Or, like on the ride home from church this past Sunday, "It's okay baby. It's okay. Don't cry. It's okay."

However, he does still like to put random things on his head. Things like the bottom half of the box to his new puzzle.

As well as things like this weird rubbery thing that he found at Amity's house while we were playing over there yesterday.

Seriously, this kid cracks us up all the time. One last example before I go. The other night they boys were in bed and just kept misbehaving, causing us to constantly take turns going in and putting them back in bed and what's it. As I got up for one of my turns into the beasts' den, Josh said, "Go in there like a spider monkey." Meaning, throw open the door, jump in, and be all loud and crazy. So I did. After leaping from the middle of the room into his bed in shock, Deacon looked at me and said, "Whoa, Mom. Take it easy." Needless to say, no disciplining happened that time around. Oh, Deacon. Life would be a lot less interesting without you.


Corry said...

he is just a bunch of laughs he brings a smile to my face when I hear all about the funny things he does. How can you not love the pictures of him with the diff things on his head :o) xoxo

Embrace the Circus said...

What a funny boy! He'd get along great with my girls. They love to take the plastic bins from their easel, put a foot in each bin, and slide around the carpet, singing, "Ice skating! Ice skating!" Nevermind that they've never been ice skating...