12 May 2010

Just Some Pictures

Hey all! So, it's been a full week since Finn was born, and we are finally settling into a little bit of a routine, and figuring out how to do this. Good times, good times. Since it's close to "feeding time" though, I wanted to throw up a couple of pictures for you since it'll be awhile before I get them up on Flickr (and I have no desire to put them up on Facebook). That being said, here we go:

This is Zeke and Deacon's very first time seeing "Baby Finn". I think you can tell by their faces (sorry they're blurry faces, I took it with my phone) that they are quite taken with him.

Resting with Daddy

We got home from the hospital on Friday. Saturday morning Deacon woke up and said, "Deacon try Baby Finn?"

Zeke, of course, had to have a turn after Deacon did.

And then here are just some pictures of the little smush face.

And that's all for now. I hope to actually write some soon, but we'll see how that goes. I'm still trying to catch up on some sleep/rest. Just know things are good, we're all in love with the little man, and if anything I'll try to take some more pictures and post them when I get a few seconds here and there.


Ells said...

oh he's a handsome one!!! Love the delight on your older boys' faces. :) Thanks for the pictures, Beth!

Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous!!

xo Candice

Corry ann said...

he is so sweet!!! Love the pics with the Big Brothers cant wait to see more love you all!! Xoxo

Childress Family said...

Oh, he's cute! And big! I'm not used to seeing them that young and that big! Good work! Maybe Josh finally got one that looks like him?

Linda said...

Oh, I love his little yawn face! The pictures of boys holding him were adorable too. Miss you guys!


JStar said...

Finn is so sweet! And Z and D look so proud to be holding their baby brother! His hair is so cute too! All these baby pics make me want another! At least, a little bit! Hehe

KToth said...

So sweet! No, Marie, I think he looks like Beth. :)