07 June 2010

That Didn't Take Long

My baby is 1 month old already. I'm not sure how that happened. I wrote this to a friend the other day, while each day seems to take forever to get through, looking back, the month as a whole has flown by. I mean, it's June already. We are closing in on Deacon's 3rd birthday.

While Finn may be only 1 month old, last week (when he was only 3 weeks old) I had to go through his clothes and weed out all the newborn and 0-3 month sized onesies already. Crazy. Like my friend said to me yesterday at church, Finn's really chunked out lately. He's got these cheeks that are just fabulous. We call him mush man because his face is so mushy - especially when he falls alseep on one of us.

We are really enjoying Finn. He's a pretty decent sleeper already. I mean, he's not wonderful and we are exhausted, but he sleeps a good portion of the night (much better than either of his brother did at this age anyway), and I can usually get him to sleep for most of the time his brothers are napping. That's right, all 3 of them sleep in the afternoon at the same time for at least an hour, if not all 3 hours. Oh yeah. (Of course, now that I've put that out there he'll stop sleeping then.) But it's wonderful because it means I get to have a nap as well in the middle of the day when I really need one.

Otherwise, there isn't much else about Finn - he is only 1 month old. He's a good baby. He eats well (and often). He's great at being quite alert when he's awake. Sometimes when he cries you can really hear the "w" in his waaa, and it's sweet. He also squeeks a little when he inhales when he's crying. He like the swing (most of the time), LOVES being held (who doesn't?), and is really just an enjoyable kid.


Ells said...

Wow, already outgrown his 0-3 month clothes?! What a guy! Love your update about him, and I'm glad you're able to get a nap in the middle of the day!

Linda said...

Looks like he's taking after his cousin! Sam did that rapid growth thing too. My back has never recovered. He is a chunk of awesome, though, just like his brothers. Kiss those sweet cheeks for me.

And where did you get his little pants? They are adorable!


Meagan said...

It is odd how newborn time is both fast and slow!
And I agree...those cheeks are so kissable.

Aubrey Lynn said...

What a cutie pie! I like the little mohawk goin' on there. We love you and miss you guys!!!

corry ann said...

wow a month already that went by so fast. and he is so cute and chubby love it and what a sweet little one in those pictures :o)

Gramma V said...

What adorable pictures!!!
I can almost smell that lovely newborn smell!

JStar said...

I'm glad Finn likes the shark! Thanks for the Finn update! Can't believe he's 1 month already. I still can't believe you have three boys. Wowzers.

JStar said...

I'm glad Finn likes the shark! Thanks for the Finn update! Can't believe he's 1 month already. I still can't believe you have three boys. Wowzers.

Anonymous said...

Grandma said I was a chunky baby too, Look how I turned out! Dad

(Glad you are getting your rest)
Wish I was there, I am missing so much!

Niki said...

Wow that month went fast! He's such a cutie!!! I think he looks like a good mix of you and Josh. That's great that he's sleeping, and even more importantly....you get to nap!! YEAH! Beth, he's beautiful!