23 June 2010

I'm a Little Concerned About Bert

Last week, my father, stepmother and brother came for a really nice visit. I want to blog about it, obviously, but I have decided to wait until I get all of the pictures from their visit up on flickr. We had such a nice time, and there are so many great pictures from their trip, that I would feel better having them up on flickr to link to so that anyone interested could see all that we did.
That's going to take some time so I'm going to do a quick blog about something that I've been thinking about for quite a bit lately (especially since it keeps popping up again and again on tv).
Is it just me, or is Bert not wearing a shirt? To me, it looks like Bert is wearing a leather jacket and a white bandana-thing, but no shirt. I'm fairly certain that's his belly button there, right above his belt. I suppose he could be wearing a yellow sweater that has one button? Rubber Duckie is definitely wearing just a bandana/scarf thing, and I want to say the same about Bert, but what would make him do such a thing? I'm sure leather jackets aren't really comfortable enough to wear on their own. I've never owned one, so I don't know for sure, but it doesn't seem like it would be a good idea. If it is a one-buttoned sweater, why did he pick out a sweater that so perfectly matches his skin color? Is that what the bandana is for? To prevent his "sweater" from making him look washed out? I don't know...but it disturbs me every time they play this particular segment. How do you feel about it?


Meagan said...

Hahaha! OMG what happened to his shirt? That is too funny.

corry ann said...

yes he has no shirt on thats for sure maybe its a new look for him he got tired of the stripped sweater that he want to go all natural haha it is very disturbing

Nicole and Chris said...

We should pray for Bert. He may be on the wrong side of the fence....or a pimp. Either way he needs prayer.