22 June 2010


Since Deacon is exactly where he should be speech and what's-it wise, he no longer qualifies for the speech/occupational therapy he's been recieving the past six months, once he turns 3. Since this week all the therapists have training, Deacon's last day of therapy was last week. And since Miss Patty (his therapist, who is also our pastor's wife) is too good to him, she pulled out all the stops for her last visit with Deacon.

She made him this sweet little certificate (laminated and everything):

She made these amazingly delicious giant muffins (with cream cheese frosting and smiley faces made out of dried cherries for eyes and strawberries for mouths):

She even got him a little congratulations/happy birthday present (Go Fish! cards and a homemade birthday card):

Thank you for everything "Miss Patty"! We will definitely miss your weekly visits. Good thing we still get to see her on Sundays. (That's her in the next picture.)


Meagan said...
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Meagan said...

Awww I want a Miss Patty in my life!

corry ann said...

congrats DD and happy 3rd birthday soon! xoxo :o)