30 June 2010


So, "World Cup Fever" has been caught here in Walterland. We are very excited for soccer to be on TV almost every day. Well, Josh, Zeke and I are excited. Deacon and Finn could really care less. Besides the USA (who have been eliminated already), Josh has us rooting for three other teams - Germany, Ghana, and...

go uruguay!

What's that? Finn's hands are blocking his shirt? Let's try this:

can you see it?

That's right...go Uruguay!


In case you're wondering, a friend of ours from Germany went to Uruguay for a week or so while we were there, and brought this shirt home for Deacon. Sadly, Deacon was already too big to wear it when he got it, but it fits Finn, ironically enough, during the World Cup that Josh finds himself rooting for Uruguay. Well, it fit that first game of theirs we watched...I'm not entirely certain it'll fit again.

Zeke has really been enjoying watching this "new-to-him" sport as well. He started out by perfecting his own soccer slide, which I have a video of, but I can't get it to post for some reason. I guess I'll have to try again later. But he's getting very good at it. He's taken it a step further in the last week though. Last Friday at the library the boys got beach balls for the summer reading program I signed them up for. The beach balls are now soccer balls, which Zeke (and sometimes Deacon) kicks around the house. I really enjoy it when he stands next to the ball, pretends to blow a whistle, then kicks the ball around a little, gives it a big kick, yells, "GOAL!", then does a little lap around the living room, ending in his slide. It is pretty sweet, I have to say.

*Sorry the pictures are so big. I was trying something new out, posting them via their html codes from my flickr site instead of just uploading them from the computer. I think I need to figure some things out before I try it again. At least I know it works though. Oh well.


Svenn said...

Random Uruguay Fact of the day:
Montivedo (the national capital)is the Southern most capital in the Western Hemisphere.

Also, Hi Aunt Lorrie!

-Josh (or Joshie/Nephew if you are my Aunt Lorrie:)

Sara said...

I like big pictures!!! :)