26 October 2010

Finn Claims His First Victim

Last week, Zeke made some Halloween pictures in school:

Today, Finn managed to roll/scoot himself around until he finally managed to get his hands (and mouth) on one - he's been trying to get at them for awhile now:

When the boys saw the damage, the following conversation ensued:

Zeke: Oh no, what happened?

Me: I'm sorry honey, Finn ate your ghost. Are you okay with that?

Zeke (somewhat sadly): Yeah. It's okay.

Deacon (as he enters the room from stage right): Oh no, what happened to ghost?

Zeke: Finn eat the ghost.

Deacon: It's broken?

Me: Yes, it's broken now.

Deacon: I know! I get Handy Manny tools! Deacon takes off running for the playroom.

Zeke: Yeah! Tools are good for fixing! Zeke follows Deacon, then they both come back.

Deacon: See Mommy? Tools help fix ghost.

It really was a good idea. But sadly, there's nothing that can help fix that poor ghost. I guess I need to start paying closer attention to Finn when he's on the floor "entertaining" himself.

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Paula said...

I love your boys! Your blog gives me a reason to smile everytime I read it.