13 October 2010

Daddy + Deacon = Good Times

Two weeks ago (or so - it's amazing how time gets away from me these days), Josh was able to take a whole week off from work, as he had a bunch of "use or lose" leave time. While it did make mornings a little more stressful until Zeke was on the bus, it was great having Josh home. It was especially great for Deacon. He and Josh spent a good amount of that time together.
They did things like watch Sesame Street:

This picture cracks me up for two reasons. One, Josh is the one watching TV, while Deacon is doing a puzzle. Two, it's hard to see in this picture, but Deacon is wearing sweatpants under his pajama shorts. Josh said he didn't want Deacon to run around in just his shorts (because it was chilly), and Deacon didn't want to wear the sweatpants, so they both lost.
They also colored:

I think Josh was trying to show Deacon how to color inside the lines instead of just scribbling all over the page. Which worked, because he's much more "careful" now when he colors. It's kind of fun to watch.
There was also a jam session or two:

Rock on guys!

Finally, there was also a lot of rough housing, and wrestling, and shoulder rides, and this:

We also took advantage of having Daddy home to take a drive through the mountain across the river from our house, and to check out the Imaginarium at the museum in Anchorage some more, and to relax and enjoy some family time.

And now I'm off to watch some more Chilean miners get rescued. Praise God! What an amazing thing.


mindi said...

Daddy + kiddie time is the best :) My hubby has some of the 'use it or lose it' leave coming up, and I'm pretty excited. He's trying to spend as much time with the kids as he can before he deploys. Love the pics you have!

Childress Family said...

my faves are the jam session and the acrobatics video.