01 December 2010

His Day Started Out So Well

Yesterday started out as a pretty good day for Deacon. Zeke was at school so he had the playroom and the toys to himself. We watched some Sesame Street, and I put Finn down for his morning rest time "on time" so Deacon got some time on my lap. After a good rest time for Deacon, and after I fed Finn, Deacon and I made a snowman together to hang on the front door.

Look how pleased he is.

As soon as the snowman was hung, Zeke's bus pulled up, which led to some fun wrestling and such around the house (even though Deacon did fall once and cry a little). After lunch he got to watch a Handy Manny episode then it was off to bed for naptime. After naps we were all excited because we were going out to dinner at Pizza Man with the evening PWOC Bible study group I sometimes attend, and our friends were going to be there.

Once we got there though, things for Deacon started going downhill. I thought he was just being shy. He's not as outgoing as Zeke is, and often tends to have a little period of time where he's just sad when I leave him places (child care in the clinic, Sunday school, whatever) but he usually bounces out of it quickly and has a good time. But last night, as more and more ladies showed up, Deacon seemed to get sadder and sadder. I thought he was just getting overwhelmed, but would be okay soon enough.

Eventually he wound up climbing into my lap and started sobbing. I kept asking him what was wrong and if anything hurt, but he just said no and that he wanted to go home. So I called Josh (who was food shopping) and asked him to swing past Pizza Man on his way home and pick up Deacon. I got Deacon dressed to go outside, then headed to the front door to wait for Josh. And that's when I saw it.

I looked at Deacon's coat and saw what looked like some of his chocolate milk on it. So I asked him if he spilled, but then I took a closer look and realized he had thrown up. Poor baby! So as I'm grabbing napkins off of the table next to us, Deacon threw up again. So now I'm feeling like a terrible mother because I kept playing off his sadness, figuring he'd be fine, when in fact, he wasn't fine. I had just finished cleaning him up when Josh walked in, so off they went to get Deacon home and cleaned up, and off I went in search of help to clean up the restaurant. Our waitress was already on top of it though, so I just washed my hands and went back to the table, and back to my other two boys.

Deacon didn't throw up again, and he never got a fever, but he didn't sleep really well. He kept waking up crying, with some sort of pain in his belly. Eventually he decided to come to bed with me. So Deacon and I slept in my bed (he totally took over my side by the way...pillow, blankets, everything), while Josh moved himself to the couch.

I took this picture around midnight, since I couldn't really sleep as I was worried, and feeling, again, like a bad mom since I had no idea really what to do. See, our kids are hardly ever sick, so when they get sick, I don't have much practice, therefore I really don't know what to do besides hold them, and keep them cleaned up. I think the last time either of the big boys threw up was back in October 2008...over two years ago. That can't really be right, can it?

Anyway, I guess I had fallen asleep shortly after midnight, because around midnight-thirty I woke up to a sound coming from next to me that had me utterly confused. "Is that...music?" I asked myself. I rolled over, and sure enough, there was Deacon, wide awake and apparently feeling much better since he was laying there singing songs and having a good time doing so. Yay. Only not so yay because he stayed awake until 2am either singing or playing with things like the alarm clock and the lamp. Eventually he did fall back asleep and so did I.

We both slept well until 4:30am when Deacon started crying again, and I thought, "Oh no. He's not actually better, what am I going to do?" But then I came to the conclusion that he was probably hungry, which he was, so I got up and made him some toast and sliced a little bit of an apple.

This made him feel much better. So much better in fact, that he wanted to get up then. Somehow I managed to convince him to go back to sleep for a little bit. It only took me until 5:30 to get him back to sleep. But then he slept for a good 2 hours, and woke up feeling fine and has gone through this day, so far, as if nothing at all happened. He's napping quite peacefully now, and I think I'm going to end here and do the same.

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