18 December 2010

I Don't Mind

I've mentioned this before, but on Saturdays, Zeke goes to speech in the mornings. His speech "school" is in Anchorage, which means a good 20 minute drive each way...especially now, with snow everywhere. Most Friday evenings, we discuss which of us is going to take Zeke to speech. Josh doesn't really like driving much, let alone driving in the cold/snow, so he doesn't usually get too excited if I ask him to (like last week, when I was sick). I, on the other hand, really do enjoy taking Zeke in. Besides the fact that I really like Miss Kathie and enjoy chatting with her each week, I also enjoy watching his sessions and seeing where he needs work so I know what to pay attention to during the week.

Today I realized I also like to take Zeke in for a completely different reason. The sun. See, our house (and most of our town) is situated in a sort of bowl, surrounded by mountains. And since it's winter, the sun doesn't make it over the mountains, so for a few months every year, we don't really get to see the sun. Sure, there will be blue skies so you know it's out there somewhere, but unless I leave town, I don't actually get to see it. And since I don't really have any reasons to leave town, I don't really get to see the sun much. But the sun was out today during our drive home, and it was wonderful. Sure, it made it hard to see at times (especially when it glares off of the snow), but it was so warm and I could just feel it lifting my soul a little bit. So yeah, I really don't mind bringing Zeke in to his speech "school" each week.

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Michelle said...

You need to come to my house! I live more uphill than Ravenwood and our house gets alot of sunlight. Let me know if you are up for a play date.