09 December 2010

This Kid Has Such An Imagination

As we all know, Deacon cracks me up. He has such a wonderful imagination, and I just love it. He spends so much of his days in imaginary worlds, and he really gets himself lost in them sometimes. He will just tune everything out and either make up scenes and storylines himself, or he'll start reenacting scenes from movies or TV shows that he's seen. Either way, it's a lot of fun to watch.
Here's a video of Deacon doing one of his own things, being a dancing pirate. Now, it's the most exciting video in the world, and I apologize for that, but it was really funny at the time.

Usually he gets way more into it then this, and he was WAY more into it then this, but once I got out my phone and started "filming" him, he quickly toned it down.

This morning he was reenacting the "exercise scene" from Winnie the Pooh. Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, here you go.

He only does the part up until Pooh fixes his back, and again, he was doing a better job of it, but by the time I stopped laughing and got my phone out, he was already on his 4th repetition.

Oh, Deacon. You really are so much fun. I can hardly wait to see what life with this kid will be as he gets older. I have a feeling school days are going to be quite interesting with this one. In a good way, of course.

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