20 December 2010

They're a Fun Pair

Now that Finn is much more interactive then he was at birth, and now that Zeke is starting to understand (I think) that 5 means a little more responsibility is coming his way, Zeke has really started to take more and more of an interest in Finn. Zeke will come up with little games he can play with Finn. He likes to turn off the fan in Finn's room every time we get Finn up from a nap, and lately, Zeke likes to "carry" Finn out of his bedroom and over to the couch. Of course, with Finn weighing in at 20 pounds or so, I have to stand behind Zeke and hold on to Finn as well. I'm sure the 3 of us are quite a site. But Finn LOVES all of the attention he's getting from Zeke now. Finn's sweet little face just lights up whenever Zeke is around now.

Zeke has also started talking to Finn more. In the evenings, Zeke doesn't help me get Finn up because he's usually watching his movie. But as I enter the living room with Finn, Zeke is quick to fill Finn in on what they're watching. Zeke has also started to use a higher pitched voice with Finn sometimes. For example, the other night at dinner I handed Finn one of his crackers. Zeke watched as Finn gummed it for a bit. Once Finn bit off a piece Zeke cheered for him. When I told Zeke he didn't have to cheer for Finn eating, he turned to Finn and said (in his higher voice), "Good job Finn! You're such a cutie." Yeah. Or when he does help me get Finn up, he'll turn off the fan then walk over to the bed, look down at Finn, and in his high voice say, "Hi there Bug-a-Boo. Hi Bug-a-Boo." over and over (I wonder where he got that from...).

So, it's been fun watching Zeke get more and more into the "big brother" role. He'll help feed Finn, hold Finn, entertain Finn. Last week, Zeke wore home a t-shirt he had made at school. I wanted to get a picture of this shirt, so I told him to stand by the fireplace. When I got the camera ready, Zeke had decided to pose like this:

Yeah, they're a fun pair.

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