08 December 2010

Please Don't Laugh At Me

I hurt myself at McDonald's today.

Every time we go, I put the backpack on the back of my chair, then lay my coat over the top of the chair, and it always stays like that - the coat seems to balance out the weight of the backpack somehow. Today was no different. Backpack on the chair, coat on the chair, chair is standing up and doing great. As I was getting the bigger boys their lunches, I stood up for a second. Apparently, during that second, my chair decided to fall over. But since the backpack (and my coat) were on the back of the chair, it didn't make any noise when it landed, so I had NO idea it had fallen over. I'm sure you can see where this is going. I sat down and landed, really hard, on my rear, on the floor, scraping my upper arm and slicing my lower arm in the process. It was so hard for me to not burst into tears as it hurt really, really badly. I'd show you a picture, but it's kind of gross, what with all the dried blood and skin and what's-it.

As I landed, I had a flashback to 5th grade. One day during chorus, one boy pulled another boy's chair out from under him as he was sitting down. The boy who did the chair pulling got such a lecture from our chorus teacher about how he could have seriously wounded the other boy, maybe even paralysing him for the rest of his life. I'll never forget that lecture...apparently.

But I regrouped, ate some nuggets and fries, and soothed my wounded feelings. I'd say I wounded my pride, but there was no one in McD's besides us for most of our time there. Seriously, no one. The cashiers and cooks and drive-thru order takers were all just standing around chatting as there was nothing for any of them to do. For about an hour. It was so random. Plus, we were the only ones from Zeke's class that went today, so we really had the whole place to ourselves.

Since we had the whole place to ourselves, I figured why not let Finn in on some of the fun and action. He doesn't look very excited in the first picture, but you can see his big smile (and his 2 teeth!) in the second picture.

Finn had a blast, and Zeke was SO good about going down the slide with him. And in case you're wondering, Finn is wearing his hat still because it was so cold in there. I think they crank the air in the playroom because when kids run around in there they get all hot and sweaty, so this is their way of trying to help keep them cool, but for anyone not running around, it gets to be a bit much.

Now we're back home. They boys are all in bed and sleeping. I have bandaged my sliced arm. And now I have blogged for the day. It's time to get some more Christmas letters in the mail.

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