14 December 2010

Just Like That

One day last week, as I opened Zeke's bedroom door to "release" him from naptime, Zeke very matter-of-factly handed me he his pacie and said, "Put this in the garbage. No more pacie." And, just like that, he no longer has a pacie*. Sure, he got a little sad before bedtime that night and at naptime the next day, but that was all.

*He doesn't actually suck on his pacifier. He hasn't sucked on it since he was probably 2. To him, a pacifier is just another "lovey", like his stuffed animals or his blanket. He just liked to hold on to it. You know, before anyone judges me too harshly for letting my almost 5-year-old still sleep with a pacie.

This past Thursday or so, Zeke told us at dinner that he "needs" a haircut. We said okay, then moved on. Friday night the same thing, Saturday night the same thing. Only on Saturday, he got a little more insistant. All of a sudden, just like that, he wanted to have his hair cut. So, just like that, on Saturday night, Josh cut his hair. As Josh was getting out the stuff to cut Zeke's hair, Zeke informed him that he wanted his hair cut with the purple blade guard, and so it was with the purple one that his hair was cut. He made some great faces during the process.

In the end, he was very pleased with his "new" look and just like that, my little boy became a big boy, making 2 somewhat big decisions in 1 week all on his own. I think 5 is going to be a very interesting age for us.


Julie the Army Wife said...

He is SO cute and looking so grown up :)

Meagan said...

Growing up in leaps and bounds!

Sara said...

I wanna cry! Make him stop growing!!!