30 December 2010

Christmas 2010 Part Four: The Morning

Christmas morning was so much fun this year. Not that it isn't fun every year, but with the boys being so into the season, and more fully aware of it all, it really made a difference. Josh got up first, and fed Finn before getting the rest of us up. (I figured this would be the best way to go so that we weren't trying to feed Finn and oversee the present opening at the same time.)

As you can see from the video, Zeke was pretty excited from the get go. After helping me distribute the presents, he just ripped into them and tore open present after present after present. Everything he opened was recieved with an "Oh cool!" or an "Oh boy!" or sometimes just an enthusiastic, "WOW!" (Notice, in these pictures how Zeke's presents are scattered all over, while Deacon's are in a neat pile - it's so funny to see their little personalities come through like this.)

Deacon, on the other hand, took a little longer. Maybe it's because he was still trying to wake up, maybe it's because he is easily distracted, but it took Deacon a good amount of time to get anything done. He took his sweet time opening every present, tearing off one little piece of wrapping paper at a time. Then, he would look at or play with said present for a good 5 or so minutes before he was willing to start the next present. In the amount of time it took Deacon to open all of his presents, Zeke had opened all of his, all of the ones for the both of them, or all 3 of them, and half of mine. But that's okay. Except that Finn was in love with all the colorful paper and kept trying to get at Deacon's pile.

After we finished opening presents, we had breakfast. My wonderful friend, Amity, made homemade cinnamon rolls and brought us our own batch, and boy were they good. Thank you so much Amity!

Around 9:30 Zeke decided that he had had enough excitement and put himself in bed for a little rest time, so all the boys went to bed for a little rest time. Then they got up and we just played and read books and relaxed for the rest of the morning until nap time. Thank you, again, to all the grandparents who sent such fun and wonderful things!

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