28 December 2010

Christmas 2010 Part Two: The Cookies

Here are a few things I learned this year while making cookies with my boys:

1. No matter how many times you show them how to "properly" use the cookie cutters, the boys will always use them upside down so that cookie dough gets stuck in them:

2. No matter how closely you watch them when they are decorating the cookies, things will get out of control (not in these pictures, but by the end of decorating time, the cookies were looking rather...um...festive):

3. Not all cookie/cake decorating items are the same. You may think you're buying the same kind of decorations as last year that decorated your cookies so nicely, but you aren't. At the same time, not all cookie doughs are the same. You may think you're being clever and saving time by buying pre-separated (I guess) cookie dough (you know, the kind you break and bake), flattening it with your hand, then letting the boys use the cookie cutters, but you aren't.

Well, you're saving time, but you certainly aren't being clever. (Look, I wanted to bake cookies with the boys, but I was too tired to actually make my own dough. I wanted to buy different premade dough, the kind you can make cookies with, but the store was all sold out of every kind. It was kind of sad. Just like how our cookies turned out.)

Kind of looks like the frosting took on a life of its own and ate parts of the cookies, huh?

4. Am I on 4? Yes, okay.

4. None of it really matters because we all had a great time and the cookies still tasted like cookies (even if they were a little on the sweet side).

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