16 December 2010


Today was Zeke's last day of school for the year.

Today the last of the Christmas letters and boxes have been mailed. (Right, Josh?)

Today I am finished, and can now relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Yes, I still have to wrap the boys' presents from us, but I love wrapping presents, so I'm looking forward to that.

In getting ready for Christmas, I realized that I just never knew that the spotlight lorry and the cherry picker from the Island of Sodor were at the birth of Jesus.

And since we had a long morning of hanging out at school with Zeke and his class for their little party (or par-TAY as Zeke pronounces it), I'm going to go and start relaxing right now.

1 comment:

Meagan said...

I guess the Wise Men had to get there somehow...so why not catch a ripe on a cherry picker!