06 December 2010

Oh. My. Gosh You Guys!

I, like, totally stumbled upon, like, the most awesomest, like, TV show EVER last night!

And since typing like that isn't much fun, there ends my written "valley girl" impersonation. But I do want to tell you about a show I found on TV last night, because I still can't believe it's a real show. Some of you may have heard of it already, I don't know, but last night I watched (yes, I actually sat there and watched it while I worked on some knitting) Bridalplasty. You read that right, Bridalplasty. I linked to it there if you want to go check out its site, I'll wait.

For those unfamiliar with it, Bridalplasty (it's just so fun to say) is a reality TV show where these 12 women (10 now that 2 episodes have aired) are competing to get head to toe plastic surgery for their weddings. I KNOW!! These women have each met with the show's plastic surgeon and have made, get this, "plastic surgery wish lists". Each episode the ladies have to do some sort of wedding related contest (like write vows that match what their fiances wanted them to say). At the end of each contest, the bottom bride is kicked off. Of course, of the 2 episodes there have been so far, each contest had a tie for bottom bride so the other brides-to-be had to vote someone off - talk about drama (make sure you read "drama" in a high, sing-songy kind of voice).

I don't even know where to go from here. This show was so ridiculous and the idea behind is just so...so...I don't even know! It's just insane, and I'm afraid I'm going to find myself watching it every Sunday, getting more and more into it, just because it's so ridiculous. Well, at least until My Fair Wedding with David Tutera comes back on in January. Ooh! Maybe I'll get lucky and the shows will be on at different times so I can watch them BOTH! Fingers crossed y'all.

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Ginny said...

They should send those women to Haiti for volunteer work for their honeymoon, or some other equally disturbing living environment.