07 December 2010

It Might Be a Bit Much

Last Tuesday, while Deacon was getting sick at Pizza Man, Josh was out doing some food shopping. While he was at the store, he also picked up a star for the top of our tree, since Zeke was most insistant about having a star up there. Not that we weren't going to get around to it eventually, but he wanted the star up pronto, once the lights had been put on.

So Wednesday, after the boys got up from their naps, Josh put the star on the tree (he got off of work early so he was already home by then). Now, here's where the title of the post comes into play. You see, every time I took a picture of Josh trying to get the star to stay up on the tree, Finn would fuss until I aimed the camera at him. Then he would flash a cheesey smile until I would take his picture.




I also gave the post this title because Josh had a hard time getting the star to stay on the tree on account of the star being a wee bit on the big side, and a little bit heavy, I guess. At one point Josh said, "I guess it's a bit too much star for our tree?" He finally rigged it up there, and up there it has stayed - so far. But it is a lovely star, and the boys are super excited about it (okay, I'm excited about it too...it's so "blingy").

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