12 November 2009

Who Does He Think He Is?

It's a litle past 9:30pm here. I just went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff before bed. As soon as I put my toothbrush in my mouth, I hear Deacon run up to the other bathroom door (our bathroom has two doors - one to the hallway, one to the boys' room) and say loud and clear, "Hi Mom." What? He should have fallen asleep well over an hour ago. Sigh.

SO I go in, and he's right there, in the middle of the room, minus his socks, and he says, "I want juice." Umm, I don't think so sir. Also to be noted is the fact that ALL of his blankets and stuffed animals are on the floor, as well as his pillow, which had been stripped of it's pillowcase. It's a good thing he's cute.


corry said...

he is too cute :O)

Aunt Awesome said...

Oh Deacon. It would be so great if you lived long enough for me to see you again. Go to sleep!

Aunt Awesome