09 November 2009

The Beginning of the End?

So, as I mentioned yesterday, it snowed here this weekend. Apparently El Nino is this year, and he's the one responsible for keeping things warm and essentially snow-free so far. We had an itty bitty snow on the 28th of October:

But that's been it. And that was gone by the time naptime was over that day. They say it usually starts snowing a lot earlier than now, but I'm not complaining. I've been enjoying the "mild" weather. Keep in mind though, that while it hasn't been snowing, it has been freezing. The other week it never made it above 30 degrees. Last week driving in to my doctor's appointment it was 12 degrees. But at least there wasn't any snow.

It looks like all of that is about to change. I woke up yesterday morning to this:

Now, what we got yesterday really wasn't that bad. As you can see, Josh was able to clear the driveway by sweeping the snow away.

The boys, of course, were thrilled with the snow all outside. Well, at least Zeke was thrilled. Deacon enjoyed the sight for about 30 seconds, then was off doing other things. Zeke stood at the window for a good 5 minutes before we made him move to the couch for some diaper changing activities. But once he was clean, he was back at the window. Of course, watching Daddy sweep it off the driveway was probably the highlight of the morning.

We did not, however go out and play in it. Partly because there just wasn't much to play in, mostly because I haven't bought them snow boots or snow pants yet. And wouldn't you know it, I saw them in the store, on sale, on Friday and thought about getting them, but decided I'd rather have Josh with me when purchasing them to help me figure it all out. Plus, the boys were starting to lose interest in being in the store and we hadn't even started the food shopping portion of the trip yet, so I needed to move on before things (read: Deacon) got ugly.

It's currently snowing again as I type this at 10:00pm. But this time, it's really snowing. The ground is actually starting to look covered, not just dusted over. I don't think this snow will be gone by the end of naptime tomorrow. I think this snow, and all subsequent snow, will be around until April or so. Time to hone my winter driving skills, I guess.

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Julie said...

Snow! Fun! I HATE driving in the snow. But at least it looks pretty. My boys love to play in it. We have only had 1 snow so far but they wanted outside right away...:)