15 November 2009

Snowy Days

Josh took the kids out in the snow and the 10 degree weather yesterday. Twice. Just look at all the fun they had.

Here are the boys in their brand new snow suits that we got for them on Friday since Josh has a 4 day weekend this weekend.

Here's a picture of me outside (I stayed out long enough to take some pictures) and a picture of Josh starting the snow fort that will probably take months of building. Good thing we have months more of snow coming.

After all the fun they had in the morning, warm pretzels seemed like the perfect snack (and the perfect bribe to get Zeke to agree to come inside peacefully).

In the afternoon, Josh got out the sled and took the kids up and down our street. Deacon in particular LOVED it.

And, of course, there were the occasional wardrobe malfunctions. Those hats just didn't want to stay in place.

All in all, a great day, followed by some great sleep.


Julie said...

Fun times :)

Sara said...

So Much Fun!!! I can't wait to see the snow fort!

Ells said...

Love the snow fort for all of your boys! What fun!

So happy for you about the great sleep. :)

Sara said...

So far I've only commented from the computer. But since you said something I had to try the iPhone this time. :)

Probably just because it is a hotmail account that I log into google with?

Niki said...

Hahah!! Those pictures are great! The winter hat never stays put! :-) Can't wait to see the snow fort!!

Gramma V. said...

Wow! What great memories your boys will have! Thanks for sharing. I love Zeke and Deacon's expressions!