02 November 2009

The Best I Could Do

I had my second doctor's appointment today. It was quick. I went in, we listened to the heartbeat long enough for her to count it to make sure it was okay, then she did a quick inspection with her light-up speculum (I know! The whole thing lit up! Of course, I've been out of the US for awhile. That may not be as "exciting" or "ground breaking" as I think it is), and then that was it. I think I sat in the waiting room longer than I sat in the exam room. But all is well, so that's good.

As for the title of this post, here is the best I could do in getting my first ultrasound picture up on the old blog here:

See, Josh got the printer/scanner program out of it's hiding place and installed it onto my computer for me awhile ago. Then I tried to scan the picture and apparently the scanner's software does not jive with my new computer. Sigh. And I'm too tired (read: lazy) these days to figure it out. So, I took Sara's advice and tried to take a picture of the picture, and this was what I got after five or so tries.
Speaking of my first appointment though, my favorite part of the whole thing, which also is the part that makes me a little worried for when the baby is a bit bigger, was when the doctor said, while watching the wee one wiggle about, "It's a good thing you can't feel it moving about, because, wow." Oh yeah. Just think of what I have to look forward to.

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