21 November 2009

Some Wake-Up Call

This morning, Josh sent the boys in to get me up so that we could have breakfast.* Instead of the usual jumping onto the bed and then the jumping all over the bed that forces one from the bed, I was greeted by two "Hi Mom"'s, followed by two requests for blankets. Somehow, I don't think this was part of Josh's plan...

Not that I minded, of course. Once we had our little photo-op though, it was out of bed, and off to breakfast. And boy was it good!

*Josh waited on breakfast until I was up because we broke out the breadmaker last night and set it up so there would be fresh, warm bread ready when we woke up. Mmm. I can hardly wait to see what the house smells like when we get raisins and wake up to cinnamon raisin bread.


Anonymous said...

You guys are such wonderful parents!
I knew you would enjoy that bread machine and the raisin cin. bread is delicious. We are so enjoying this month of blogging - maybe you should continue it for the month of December????

Anonymous said...

That last comment would be from Aunt Lorrie (sorry about forgetting the name)