28 November 2009

Dodge This!

That's what Josh yelled at this teeny, tiny, 12 year-old girl today, as he wailed a ball directly at her during the dodgeball tournament our church's youth group held today. I think the ball left a bruise on her back. There might have been tears. It was hard to tell in the flurry of the game. When asked about the incident later on Josh said, "Hey, she had it coming. She was mocking my age."

Okay, that's not really how today went down. Our church's youth group did hold a dodgeball tournament today. Each person who played gave $10 to do so, all proceeds going to an orphanage in the Congo. Once there, you could also buy t-shirts and/or refreshments. It was a pretty sweet set-up. Two guys from his work (one being Matt, who had us over for Thanksgiving dinner, and one being one of the other guys from dinner) played too. The boys and I went out to watch for a little bit. We got to see them play one game. Then Zeke had had enough of the noise and crowds so we went home for some pbj's and naptime. Josh's team "The Leftovers" (because they were made up of all the people who signed up without teams) didn't win the whole thing, but Josh sure did have a lot of fun.

Here's what the t-shirt looks like (front [left], back [right]):

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JStar said...

I love dodgeball! Wish I could have been there! And hey, I keep checking to see if you've found out what you're having. You know, baby-wise that is. How much longer do I have to wait!? I can't stand it! (And neither can my mom!)