01 November 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Babe!

What better way to start off a full month of blogging than with the man I love?

This past Thursday (the 29th) was Josh's birthday. After working all day he came home to a giant ham, some brownies, and a breadmaker. Lucky guy!

The ham was his idea, and all that he really wanted for dinner. I made some stuffing to go with it, but that was more for the boys benefit than for Josh's. Josh put maybe a spoonful of stuffing on his plate then loaded it with about a pound or so of ham. Which he then ate. It was awe-inspiring and kind of gross at the same time.
The breadmaker was a surprise for him because he had fully expected to get the ice cream maker that I've been wanting. And while the box to the breadmaker has been opened, the maker itself has yet to leave the box and be put to use, much to Josh's sister's surprise. Apparently when a new appliance is given it is supposed to opened and used within an hour of being recieved. Who knew?
An added bonus for Josh's birthday was that I let him give the boys a bath that night too. I know, I know, I am such a wonderful wife. I have no idea how I'll top that next year when he turns the big 3-0. But all in all, it was a nice evening, with lots of good food and fun. And the fun just kept on going as he decided to take off on Friday so we had a nice 3day weekend with Daddy!

Happy Birthday Babe/Daddy/Josh! We love you!


corry said...

happy birthday Josh!!! im looking forward to all the post beth!!

JStar said...

Happy birthday, Josh! Have you ever seen "Cash Cab"? You remind me of the host of that show.

Svenn said...

The only episode of "Cash Cab" I have seen was the one where they had the guys from "Deadliest Catch" on...so not to familiar with it.

I am a terrible driver though, so not so sure how good I would be at hosting the show. I do deserve my own TV show, maybe you can set something up for me with your Peperdine contacts?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! You look healthy and happy. The ham and brownies look delicious. I would encourage to use the bread maker as soon as possible. We love ours and it really does make delicious bread!

Love ya, Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Ray

Anna Childress said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! Great to "see" you.