03 November 2009

Let Me Take This Opportunity...

...to brag about my boys for a little bit.

So, I've been pretty sick this pregnancy. I'm doing much better now, thank you, but it was really rough there for awhile. Now, it wasn't as bad as it was Deacon, and no where near as terrible as it was with Zeke, but it wasn't a lot of fun either.

That being said, my boys were amazing during my time of "just wanting to lay down on the couch and die". For almost a straight month Zeke and Deacon entertained themselves all day. In the mornings, I'd get them up, change their diapers, make their breakfast, then lay on the couch. After they were done eating, most mornings they would grab books and read. Sometimes Deacon would snuggle in with me on the couch while Zeke sat at the other end of the couch or on the chair, sometimes they would take a stack of books to their room and read and play quietly. For almost an hour. Every day. I have been thanking God every day for the blessing they have been.

Then, after their morning "rest times", I'd get them dressed, we'd all go downstairs and they'd play with their toys while I would lay down on the futon. Same thing after naptime. Of course, as we'd close in on dinner time things might stir up a little, but usually by then I was feeling mostly human, so we could deal with it. Usually. There were (are) days when I would have enough of their whining (and wow, has Zeke gotten exceptionally good at whining) and fighting to make them both grab a book and sit on the pillows we have stationed at opposite ends of the couch (which works remarkably well...I'm SO happy they like to read so much).

Of course, I'm sure there were days they would much rather have been out playing with other kids at PWOC or having some sort of playdate, but they rarely complained. It just goes to show that God knows better than I do about certain things (okay, all things). I keep thinking about how sad I was when we found out I was pregnant with Deacon because Zeke was still so small and I felt it was much too soon. I also remember feeling a little bit sad when we found out Deacon was a boy because I guess I wanted a girl a little more than I thought I did. But had there been more of an age gap, or had Deacon been a girl, I'm not so sure they would be best buddies like they are, and these days may have been a lot more stressful. Besides, what would I ever do without this kid?

(I've been waiting since August for a reason to use that picture. Well, I was waiting, and then I got sick and stop writing. Now that I'm writing again, I'm using it because it cracks me up.)

So, the long and short of it is that God knows what He's doing, and I really need to work on learning to trust that more, and that my boys are wonderful little men, who treat their mama well. That must be a thing they learned from their father - treating me well. I truly am blessed. I may feel like garbage these days, but I am blessed. Thank You, God.


Aunt Awesome said...

I just want to come through the computer and kiss DeeDee all over his adorable little face! Aaagh, he's too cute!

I'm so glad the boys are being good but I can't really say I'm surprised. They are sweet boys. :)


corryann said...

aww you are blessed with 3 great men in that house maybe a 4th???? get your rest and lots of luck with being sick