18 November 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

I am beginning to realize that the natives of Alaska are never happy.

In April, when we first got here, we kept hearing about how surprised everyone was that the snow had all melted and gone away so early in the year. "Usually the snow sticks around until the end of April/beginning of May timeframe." So they say.

All summer it was GORGEOUS and they complained that it was too dry and too hot, and "it's never like this here in the summer."

Fall (which they don't really get here so we might as well just say "winter") came and everyone complained about how "it's never this nice this far into the year" and "usually we've had a foot of snow by now" and what's it.

So, it's finally snowed. It's finally cooled off. In fact, it's cooled off so much that it hit -20 degrees at some point during the night. Do you want to guess what they're saying now? "It's too early in the year for it to be this cold already."

Sigh. I can hardly wait to see what they'll have to complain about next. And yeah, you read that right: -20 last night. It's 9:45pm and it's already -6 degrees out there. Looks like it's going to be a cold, cold, downright frigid winter. Yay. It also looks like this past weekend might be the only weekend the boys get to play outside as I am not too keen on letting them out if it's below zero. I mean, if you step outside and immediately lose your breath because it's so cold, that's not something the boys should be playing in. Right? I guess we'll see. For now though, I'm going to get in my bed that now has two extra blankets on it. I'll see you tomorrow.

PS - That's a picture of the mountain outside our house. It is not a black and white photo, it's just that "frozen airy like" out here. Yeah.


Julie said...

I can't even imagine -20 weather. I get super cold when it is 15 degrees here.

corry said...

great pic and burrrr wow thats cold and the weather has been very weird here in Jersey maybe they should come visit so they can complain for us too :O)

Chris and Kim Todd said...

Wow that's a beautiful view. You and Josh are giving the boys a chance to see things that most never will. Hopefully it will get back above zero so they can go outside a while.