07 November 2009


My boys are heartbreakers. I don't mean in the "they're so cute, they're going to break all the little girls' hearts when they get bigger" way. I mean in the "when they are sad, they make these faces that will just break your heart" way. Deacon in particular is very good at sticking his big bottom lip out about 18 feet when he's sad. He's also started putting his face in his hands during his fits. Heartbreaking for sure, but also kind of funny at the same time.

Note the one missing sock. This is a Deacon thing. Most awakenings from naps/bedtimes find him either completely sock less or with one missing (usually, the left one). Here's another example of that sweet, sad face.

I've tried to get a picture of him with his face in his hands because it really is funny to see, but he usually notices the camera and starts hamming it up with big smiles even though the tears are still rolling down his face.

Now Zeke. Zeke pulled a new move on me the other week. A friend of mine from PWOC came to visit and bring me some lunch. She also brought her four kids with her to play with my boys so they'd have someone other than each other to play with. It was wonderful. Until they left, that is. As they left the house and got into their car, Zeke ran to the window, and literally sobbed as they drove away. He was truly inconsolable for a solid five minutes. I thought it might have been a one time thing since it had been awhile since he'd played with kids other than Deacon and all, but no.

Josh had to go into work today. He had to leave for work while the boys were up. Now, I'm pretty sure this goes without saying, but my boys love, love, LOVE their daddy. It's the sweetest thing to see them together. So, when Josh left for work this morning, Zeke took it very hard. You might want to get a tissue before you watch this.

It was all I could do to not cry myself while the tears and the snot streamed down his sweet little face. (If you watch closely, at the very end you can actually see the tears falling off his face.) He went on like this for a few minutes before I finally offered to let him watch a movie as consolation. Sigh. What's a mom to do?

(And yes, that is snow you see on the ground in the video. We had our second snowfall of the season this morning. I'll write about it later...like tomorrow or something.)

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Aunt Awesome said...

Sam just came RUNNING over to the computer to see what was wrong! He was all sad for Zeke and wanted to make it better.

That was truly heartbreaking, poor boy! Sniff! Give that boy some oreos.

Sam does the same one sock thing as Dee Dee. We call him the One Sock Bandit. :)