25 November 2009

Oh, He's Got Jokes, Huh?

Sunday morning I got up with the boys so Josh could sleep in. As they were getting up and as their eyes were getting used to the light I had on in the living room, Zeke grabbed his butt and said, "Mom, my stinky." I sighed, and told him to get on the couch so I could change his diaper first.

So, Zeke climbs up on the couch and assumes the position, as it were. As I go to take off his diaper he starts laughing. Then, in a high pitched voice that was clearly an imitation of my voice he says, "You're not stinky!" And sure enough, I opened his diaper and there was no sign of poop anywhere. Oh, how he laughed. He was so pleased with himself and his little joke. I have to admit, it was pretty funny.

1 comment:

Aubrey Lynn said...

Wow! Talk about "made you look!" Good one Zeke!