16 November 2009

Arctic Limerick

First, I forgot to post pictures of the boys playing in the backyard snow, so here's one for you now (and I promise to get the rest up on Flickr soon...hopefully before the week is over...but don't hold me to that):

Second, Josh made a fire in the fireplace yesterday, and I'm fairly certain this is the first fire the boys have ever seen up close and personal. Yes, we had the woodburning stove in Germany, but they were kind of young, and the glass was almost too dirty to see through.
I think my favorite part about having the fire was that Deacon apparently thought we were saying "pirate", so he went around for the first five minutes it was lit going, "Pirate. Yar." over and over.

Third, Josh volunteered to write my post for me tonight since I'm tired, so here's a limerick he wrote just for this occasion:

There once was a girl from NJ
Who went to Alaska to stay
She said it was icy
Going outside was too dicey
So she stayed in and had hot chocolate.

I told him "chocolate" doesn't rhyme with "J" or "stay". He said that's where the real humor lies. Sigh.


Julie said...

It looks like you are fully in winter mode. I really wish we had a fire place. We had one about 5 years ago but having in Germany would be so nice.

Niki said...

Hahhaha! Love the limerick!

Miss Hannah said...

artistic license is allowed : )