06 November 2009

I'm Tired.

This pregnancy is wearing me out. I don't want to complain, because I know how lucky I am to even be pregnant, and I know how lucky I am that it's been better than the last two, but I'm tired.

I'm tired of feeling tired most of the day - especially in the evenings.
I'm tired of almost always feeling hungry. I eat, and then 40 minutes later I'm hungry again. Seriously. I've gained 10 pounds already. Sigh.
I'm tired of waking up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom/eat/let the cat in/go to the bathroom and then eat something.
I'm tired of not wanting to do anything besides play electronic Yatzee (which, by the way, I got 3 Yatzees in one game today, yahoo!).

I guess I'm just ready to get all of my energy back. I'm also writing this at 9:30 at night (and I'm hungry), so I'm sure that's not helping. But so this post isn't so mopey, here are some things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful that I am feeling better in the mornings, and through most of the day. It's really around dinner time that I start to wear out, so we are getting there.
I'm thankful that I haven't thrown up near as often this time around as the first two.
I'm thankful that Josh is here, working a job that doesn't keep him at work late (at least not too often, although right now it's kind of crazy there), and that he's not scheduled to go anywhere any time soon.
I'm thankful that God is good and loving and true, and that He is taking care of me and my family, not only during this time, but always.

And since it wouldn't be a "true Walter boys post" without a picture or two, I'm thankful for these guys:

Every day I thank God for them. And as I watch them grow and develop their own funny little personalities (and believe me, they are funny kids), I get more excited to meet this next one. Even if (s)he is making me so tired.

Oh, and Aunt Lorrie, those are an old set of keys Zeke is playing with. It's actually one key on a sandal keychain with a ring on it too. It's his new favorite thing to carry around and I have no idea why. Funny kid.


Sara said...

I hear ya sister! I'm tired of being hungry adn tired too! And today we both have coughs and congestion. :(

I'm so glad to hear this time is better than the last two times... even if better isn't all that good. ;) I remember last time!

Hug yourself for me.

Chris and Kim Todd said...

Beth your boys look really handsome. They also look like a handful of boys! I pray that your pregnancy goes well. Keep writing on your blog, you write very well. :)

Embrace the Circus said...

Oh, Beth, I remember the hungry and tired of growing number three. I spent a lot of time (before I got very big) lying on the floor while my girls played on me or next to me (or both), because I just couldn't handle sitting up. It does get better, though, and I'll pray that happens quickly!

I miss you!