14 November 2009

Sweet Sleep

I briefly mentioned once before that about a month ago (probably a little longer by now) Josh took the bars off of one side of Deacon's crib. This was at my suggestion as I didn't want to have to lift him over the bars getting him in and out of bed 2 or so times a day. Plus, putting Zeke in little time outs in his bed works pretty well, and I wanted the same option for Deacon now that he's getting older and wiser to things.

We figured there would probably be a little bit of time where Deacon would not stay in his bed and run around the room and just be silly. Instead of running around the room though, Deacon's choice of "misbehavior" was to climb into Zeke's bed, with Zeke still in it, and the two of them would giggle and sing and play and talk. This is how things went down every night and every morning. At some point, in the mornings at least, Deacon would slam some part of his body into some part of the wall (or perhaps some part of Zeke's bed), and then there would be crying, and that was how we started our day for a solid week.

But back to at night. So, at night, we'd put them in bed (and by "we" I mean Josh since he is a wonderful father who reads them their books, puts them in bed, and prays with them every night), and no sooner would we (again, Josh) shut the door, then we'd (this time, both of us) hear the pitter-patter of little feet scurrying across the floor, and the happy noises of little boys in bed together.

Now, as long as they weren't getting crazy, we'd let it go for a little while, then eventually go in, put Deacon back in his bed, and that would be it. Some nights, however, things would get a little out of control in there, so we'd make 2, 3, some nights 6, trips back to their room in a vain attempt to get Deacon to stay in his bed. Now, usually Deacon getting out of bed isn't too much of an issue because Zeke seems to have no problem falling asleep whenever he's ready, regardless of what Deacon is doing or where he is. Many has been the time I've gone in to move Deacon back to his own bed and Zeke was already racked out in a little ball on the edge of his bed. But there are the few nights here and there when Zeke can't fall asleep, which is why we go in repeatedly. It's really kind of funny to hear Deacon chattering away and then hear Zeke go, "Shhh!"

It's been better lately. Sure, there was the other night where I went in almost an hour past when they usually fall asleep and he was in the middle of his room asking for juice, but for the most part, he does pretty well with it. Anyway, I'm writing about this now, because as I was trying to figure out what to write about today (I really do need to start doing this earlier in the day), I was looking through my pictures of the boys, looking at stuff I took pictures of specifically for blogging purposes, and I came across this one:

That's right. One night, a few weeks ago, I went in to check on them before going to bed myself and this is what I found. Both boys were in Zeke's bed, and they were both fast asleep. I'm so happy I took this picture as it's the only time this has happened. They truly are such sweet boys, and I just can't wait to watch them continue to grow up together.


Embrace the Circus said...

It sounds like your boys are a lot like our girls. Kathleen just sleeps and sleeps like a rock, which is great, since Madeline doesn't. But some nights, Madeline's chatting away and Kathleen keeps saying (and eventually yelling), "Go to sleep! Go to sleep!"

We're thinking about moving Madeline out of the crib sometime next week. Pray for us... it could be a disaster!

Ells said...

what an adorable picture! They ARE sweet boys. :)

(Love the PJs)

Anonymous said...

We love reading your blog each day and seeing the pictures of the boys. (You should really put a few pictures of you and Josh in there, too.) Anyway, this posting reminded me that Holly and Nathan slept together until they were 5 years old. When we put them in separate beds and rooms they cried for days and didn't like sleeping in their own beds! Oh the blissful sleep of childhood!

Aunt Lorrie

Julie said...

This is so cute Beth :) Smart taking a picture!

JStar said...

So sweet! Sorry, I've been lazy at reading blogs lately, so this is my first comment during your NaBloPoMo thingy! Miss you!