19 November 2009

It's Nice That the Cat Tolerates Him

In the comments to yesterday's post, a friend asked if Deacon is always afraid of Peavey or if making big brother get the "block" back was a first time thing. I can easily say that it was a first time thing, as Deacon LOVES that cat. In fact, I will find Deacon under the table, hanging out with the cat, sharing his toys at least 3 if not 4 (or so) times a day.

Ahem, please excuse the crumbs. I believe on this particular day, Deacon crawled under there, patted Peavey's back and said, "Look, Peavey. A tank!" As you can see by Peavey's face in the above picture, he was not very impressed with the tank. But he tolerates Deacon.

It amazes me sometimes just how good with Deacon the cat is. And Deacon, for the most part, is very good with the cat. Sure, he'll give Peavey a swift kick to the face every once in awhile, but for the most part he's very gentle. Not to mention that Peavey will sit there, under the table with Deacon, until I make Deacon get up and leave the cat alone.

Now, how Peavey feels about Zeke is an entirely different story:

Not that I entirely blame Peavey. Zeke was always pretty rough with the cat, and Zeke does still tend to chase Peavey around, freaking him out a little bit. Granted, most of the time these days Zeke is chasing Peavey to give him hugs and kisses, I think Peavey might not be of an affectionate nature. Sure, he'll jump in your lap and let you pet him until he's in a coma of happiness, but hugs and kisses just aren't his style. Hence, the tank.


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