10 November 2012

And Now There Is One

Awhile back we got some fish.  We started with 5.  After a bit 2 of them died.  We replaced the 2 with 3 new ones, bringing our total up to 6.  One of the new ones didn't take the transition from pet store to home well, and died a few days later, bringing us back down to 5.  Five fish who tended to do this a bunch:
Yep.  They just hung out in that one corner of the tank, sucking down air bubbles.  I have no idea why, but that's where they spent most of their days.  Until 3 more of them died.  Once there were fewer fish in the tank they spent more time swimming around the tank.  They almost gave off the "alone at last" vibe.  I can't help but wonder if they murdered their tankmates just to be alone together.
Anyhoo...besides the fish dying off one by one (or two by two, whatever), the water in the tank kept getting cloudier and cloudier.  So today we went to the pet store to get a new filter, hoping that would help.  Lo and behold, we came back from the store and another fish had died, leaving us with only one.  Oddly enough, this one that's left is one of the original five.  Go Ezekeil.  Live long and keep swimming pal!

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