16 November 2012

"Knock On Wood"

I hope I'm not "jinxing" anything by writing about this, but the "battle" between Finn and me over him having to wear a hat this winter was not at all as long lived as I had anticipated.
You see, when it started getting cooler, and the bigger boys started wearing hats to school in the morning, I tried to get Finn to wear a hat as well.  I didn't really care whether or not he did as it wasn't that cold yet, but I knew he wasn't going to want to so I figured if I gave him a few weeks of getting used to the idea, he'd be ready to wear one when it was actually cold out.  It got cold enough last week.
Sure enough, he fought me on it and cried and tried to take his hat off, but I held my ground, and kept his hat on his head the entire walk to the bus stop and back home.  This meant I had to carry him the entire time, but by the time we made it back home after putting the older boys on the bus, he was happy to be in his hat and hasn't given me a hard time since.  In fact, he's usually quite happy to put on his hat, which is nice, especially since he looks so cute in it:

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